How do you clean a dirty camera?

How do you clean a dirty camera?

As of now, you can watch and read different write ups and video tutorials online on how to do basic cleaning on your camera. But before doing something, you should be considering some guidance from professionals. We all know that cameras have sensitive parts, you should consider which part of your camera should often get exposed and also what is the crucial part to put high attention on in maintenance to prevent bigger damages. To start with, here are some basic ways to clean your exteriors(the body of a camera).

With a microfiber cloth slowly wipe the exterior of your body camera and LCD screen.

Also clean the area of the viewfinder by blowing some air and wiping it down, using an air-blower blast some air into the surface of your viewfinder to remove stagnant dust on it.

Wipe down the lens barrel by means of soft cloth and brush for areas that would not be reached by wiping.

After blowing, brush the area where some small dirt particles are seen, especially with the edges. Note: Do not use a compressed air canister as it could produce damage to your camera.

Apply some cleaning fluids to the cloth and gently wipe on the lens glass and exterior surface of the lens.

Lastly, clean the cases and caps where trap dirt and dust are always present.