How do I update my camera’s firmware?

How do I update my camera’s firmware?

A firmware update allows the manufacturer to correct any issues and bugs that have been discovered and encountered by the camera. This also brings some brand new features to old models. Here are some of the simple procedures on how to update your camera firmware.
Check the new firmware update from the manufacturer’s website according to your camera model then download them.

You will need a clean memory card, you will just need to format your memory card but make sure to back up any files that are in your card.

After formatting the card, transfer the downloaded firmware to your memory card. Note: all firmware is compressed to a zip file that is why you should unzip first before copying to the memory card.

Insert the memory card into your camera then switch it on. Navigate your firmware line in the menu system and grant permission for every option prompting due to update

Note: Requires you to have a full charge battery before you proceed.
After the firmware update is complete, turn off the camera and remove the memory and for a moment turn on the camera and there you get new firmware installed. You will need to reformat again the memory card so that you have a clean slate.