We all know that every device has a limited lifespan. In order to prolong usage of it, we should have proper ways of handling it.

For professional users, the camera should be serviced and maintained every year but still depends on the usage.

This is required to prevent breakdowns and damages.

It depends on the frequency of use and working environment.

Recommended to check the sensor by simply doing this

Take a picture in the clear background or with the blue sky and check it by zooming out the image. Note: Better do this before your important job and event so that you don't mess up.

General recommendation, it should be in service for every second and third year and if you are a high user perhaps every one or two years.

Consider also the shutter release time(SRT). We all know that most cameras nowadays have a shutter counter in them. Every time the shutter unit is fired the camera keeps count. Shutter count is a good indicator of the type of service the unit may require. Most technicians will inspect the camera’s major moving parts for wear, if some parts show signs of wear, it may be recommended to replace them.

If a camera has a low shutter release count the equipment requires only a basic clean and service for preventive maintenance.

If shutter release is higher, it may require to replace these particular parts:

Camera Shutter

Camera Aperture

Lens Diaphragm

Lens Silent Wave Motor

Lens Ultrasonic Motor

Flash Tube